RHA Finnances

RHA Finances:

As a student run organization RHA oversees all of the budgets of Hall Councils and the RHA General Budget. Below you can find out more information about the composition and operation of the RHA Budget. 

RHA Budget:

The RHA Budget encompasses all of the revenue and expenditures of RHA as an organization and is maintained by the RHA Director of Business Administration. Below you can see how the RHA Budget is composed and broken down into different categories. 



RHA receives it's revenue from four main sources:

  • The RHA Student Fee: A part of rent paid by all residents that is put towards RHA, currently set a $51 per resident.
  • Our Campus Market (OCM) Fundraiser: Through a fundraising partnership with OCM RHA gains aportion of all sales of OCM items like Residence Hall Linens and Care Packages. Residents can orderthem here.
  • Grants: Any external sources that help RHA specific events or projects. Ex: Freshman Fee Funding from University of Arizona for Hall Involvement (HI) Team.
  • Rollover: Any monies from the previous Fiscal Year.

Budget Breakdown

RHA breaks it's budget down into three areas:

  • Hall Council Funds: Funds that go directly to each hall to be used in their Hall Council to build community. 
  • The RHA General Fund: The RHA General Fund encompasses the RHA Executive Board position-specific spending that works tobenefit all residents living on campus.
  • RHA Executive Board Compensation: Funds that are allocated towards student compensation in the form of housing, meals plans, and stipends for elected and ex-officio Executive Board Members.


RHA Budget Updates:

The RHA Director of Business Administration is required to give monthly updates to RHA as an organization. The reports for the 2015-2016 fiscal year can be found below: