RHA Committees

RHA Committees

The RHA Executive Board establishes committees to help emphasize and carry out the mission of the organization. The committees focus on advocating for the residents, the UA campus, and RHA as an organization. Any resident or resident assistant living in the residence halls on the UA campus has the opportunity to become involved in one or more of the offered committees. Look below to see what RHA committees are offered and how to apply for them. If you have a committee idea, please contact RHA President, Michael Robles, to set up a time to discuss your idea.



IACURH 2 UA Committee

The purpose of the IACURH 2 UA committee is to ensure that through sustainable practices that encourage leadership development, the UA is using all the resources available to us to bring the experiences offered at regional and national conferences back to our campus to improve the lives of our residents living on campus, while also providing resources to bring back to our region to help other schools to the best of our ability. To learn more about UA RHA's involvement in the IACURH Region you can visit the IACURH and NACURH page.  To apply to the IACURH 2 UA Committee click here.


Outstanding Advocacy Committee

The purpose of the Outstanding Advocacy committee is to spread awareness of the perceived and shared issues of residents on our campus and of the University of Arizona’s residence halls, to develop and direct strategies to benefit the residents living on campus, to study and help alleviate problems concerning the minority populations living on-campus, to stand as advocates for the needs of residents regardless of differing opinions, and ultimately, to be servant leaders at the University of Arizona. To apply to the Outstanding Advocacy Committee click here.