HI Team (Hall Involvement Team)

HI Team 2014

\What is HI Team? 

Hall Involvement Team (HI Team) is a group of Arizona Wildcats that get to move into their residence halls early in order to be the welcoming team for the rest of campus.  The week-long HI Team program includes two days of leadership training with U of A Residence Hall Association, and three days of campus move-in.  During move-in, HI Team is responsible for helping their fellow residents move into the halls by assisting with the check-in process, showing students around their communities, and helping families with their luggage. 

HI Team is a time for students to meet new people, make friends before the year starts, and get college leadership experience!  HI Team received the 2011 National Student Award for Leadership Training, and it will give participants a head start in getting involved at U of A!

How do I apply for HI Team?

HI Team applications will be e-mailed to every incoming campus resident and will be available on our website.  Anyone living on campus during the 2014-2015 school year is eligible to apply.  Applications were due July 10th.  Applicants will be told of their acceptance or rejection no later than July 14th

When is HI Team?

*HI Team members move into their residence halls early, free of charge. 

            HI Team move-in (tentatively): Thursday, August 14th

            HI Team training: August 15th, 17th and 18th

            Campus move-in: August 16th, 19th-22nd

            RHA Block Party and Taste of the Union Volunteer (approximately one hour) -  August 23rd

HI Team training and move-in days are busy days and you should plan for full 8 hour days!

Will it cost me anything?

All HI Team participants are responsible for their transportation to U of A, but RHA covers the rest!  Early move-in fees and meals (lunch and dinners) for the week of HI Team will be paid for by U of A RHA.  

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact hiteam@life.arizona.edu

Take a look at past HI Team experiences on YouTube!

What Is HI Team?

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